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Orp temporary enabled over Christmas

By player request, offline raid protection has been enabled during Christmas   So enjoy time with your family and friends without the fear of returning to a raided base 😉   As always, happy gaming and a good Christmas to everyone !!!  

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Kairuku Breeding Event !!!

Kairuku breeding mania, best tame/breed will win. The event will run over the next week and end 25. Dec 22:00 CEST, best breed will win. If tie in points at end time, time of breed will be used to find the winner. Rading is allowed and encouraged during this event. Kill your competitors penguins and win !! Tame, breed and ...

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Full WIPE – DDoS to blame

So apparently someone figured out how to DDoS the actual Ark server(s) and thereby increasing the log files to 80gb+ The result is all save files from this weekend are corrupt and cant be used (I was away and unable to react before now) Nevertheless after much troubleshooting we came to the conclusion that a 3 days rollback would suck ...

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DDOS New Ark server ip..

Due to DDOS we had to change IP to a new one. Connect to our ark servers via https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?page=1&q=sharpplay&sort= Or go search for SharpPlay in server list ingame

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Ark data reports – WIP

So I been a bit busy behind the scenes with new features. Take a peek at below report. Its still in WIP and will be expanded with more info. Hopefully I can integrate with a tribe login system for tribes to browse all relevant data from Ark  

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New IP forced, update your fav links in ARK

Due to undefined network security update, our ISP has forced us a new IP address. We had 1 hour without network and when it returned a new IP was forced ;-/   Nevertheless everything is sorted out (hopefully) and all servers are back up again. Took some time in order to rework the firewall and network rules with the new ...

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Center Map and dino lag (Mosas spawns)

Seems Mosa spawns are giving lag problems on the Center Map. Ark admins seems to know the problems according to some bug reports Lets hope they fix it in the next center map update !! Admins will do our best to clear out the area from time to time…

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Power issues – firewall crash

Seems some power issues crashed the firewall and it went haywire while I was away on a small camping trip somewhere in the trippy woods of Sweden Guess stuff has to crash while not being home, nevertheless stuff is fixed and no trips planned for next couple of months 😉        

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