Rules and Behavior

SharpPlay Ark server rules

There are only a few rules regarding the ingame gameplay, it is however not allowed to use cheats, exploits, hacks or bots. If a player participates in such actions, he/she will be banned via steam-id asap.

Be kind and helpful to new and old players, after all everyone should have a good experience ingame.

Offensive and abuse language will not be tolerated. Same goes for Player/Tribe names. Admins will rename or ban depending of severity.

Racial, sexual harassment or real life threats falls within the above category and will trigger a ban and possible reported to the police.

Any kind of game exploiting will not be tolerated


Rules for ALL Ark servers

  • Only English in global chat !!!
  • Building in artefact caves (and ice cave) is no longer allowed
  • Players should not be caged/trapped/handcuffed for more than 20 minutes
  • Quetzal / bronto / dino box designs to hide hitzones will NOT be tolerated. That covers any kind of design meant to hide your quetz’s hitzones. whether its a box,an octagon or just ramps on ALL sides to cover it. (Subject to KOS = Kill on sight)
  • No covering platform rider with structures (Subject to KOS = Kill on sight)
  • Foundation, pillar or similar spam is not allowed unless intention is to claim and build in the area
  • max 4 ramps on a quetz (ramps on quetz is for dino transporting not covering hitzones)
  • No raiding while events is ongoing


Removed Rules:

  • Quetzal weight exploiting (aka platform farming) will not be tolerated… can lead to dead quetz important parts of base destroyed to compensate what you cheated (indu forges behemoth gates etc etc)
  • Double walling


Have fun and be nice to others…. 😉


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