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February 2017 – SharpPlay

Monthly Archives: February 2017

SharpPlay Center server relaunch !!

So, after heavy pressure, the decision has been taken. The Center server has relaunched (Already up as we speak) Settings: Similar to previously, 10X , 20x breeding (old multiplier) Mods: Small stacks, ORP (6x) so offline raiding is still possible. Rules: Same as on TheIsland SharpPlay Ark Data system will be enabled for TheCenter a bit later http://ark.sharpplay.com:81 Working on ...

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1 year birthday

1 Year ago we decided to open our first Ark server. Later additional servers was opened and closed as time went by. It’s been fun, challenging and lots of hard work both by the host and the friendly admins So Happy birthday SharpPlay 😉  

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