4 x W: Its time for spring cleaning (DONE ITS UP NOW)

WHAT: Wipe, complete players + world save

WHY: Upcoming map changes, lots of server lag lately. Its been up for 6 months. Tamed dinos under world and other random places. Increased world save file even with auto destroy of structures enabled… ITS TIME.

We been up for almost 6 months without a single wipe (cant say same for most private servers)

WHERE: On your favorite private ark server

WHEN: Server will go down as we speak and be up again around 17:00 CET time


In relation to the vote, we took the log files and cleaned for duplicate votes and filtered out know proxy servers.

End result is around 56% voted YES, 46 voted no (probably still lots of fake votes in these stats)


Even while map changes are not incoming in the patch, we cant wait any longer and it would not be fair to players. So remember NOT to build inside the NO build zones or see everything destroyed once map changes go online.


I hope everyone understands the decision, even though it was a tough one!!!


Happy gaming


Some random stats from before wipe:

4615 players joined over time.

1216 tribes created

9 players banned

290 mb savefile

traffic around 90gb per day (quite much actually)

Almost 6 months uptime



  1. is it coming??

  2. what is the password?

  3. password xD

  4. its gone again

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Give us the password mortal !!

  7. please gamma

  8. ITS UP mates 😉

  9. Admin, I had a good time on your server, want you to know that, but this infection is making me stop playing. I just needed some cp, so u know the usual drill, get a frogg, then do the magic. but boom, then i was infected, including my trike. then came snakes, two or 3, dont remmeber, but there where many,, hit another big thing out there, and a frog by accident, then got all mad and killed me. Woke up and still had the infection, ran Down got my gear, trying to find more leaches, need the blood after all for the cure, then died Again and 3 more times, then just logged. I loved the part where turrets no longer worked as they did, but this simply made it so i did find it fun anymore. And finding a rhino horn? Was not even close to be ready to adventure North. All in all i am very sad, but want to say your server rocls! Ill keep an eye out, see IF anything gonna change with this infection thing. kind regards MasterDk78

  10. 90 gb per day? wow

    and your 10/10 do it just fine?

  11. Server is down for already like 4 hours :(

  12. I know :(

    Worst part is when it went Down i was hovering over the swamps.
    So ill prolly die, loosing all my gear, get ill and Loose my bird to :(

    The worst part is that ill prolly get ill.

    But in the end, i hope the server is ok, and it will come back up.

  13. Seriously!? Been wanting to play all day….wtf….No post on what is going on? Servers been down ALL day!

  14. GamingOutkasts

    Server been down for 13 hours now. No word or update? Is the server dead?

  15. im starting to wonder too gamingoutkasts….thinking with the bs about the server being wiped or not wiped and now this…might be time to look for a new place to call home. :(

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