Goodbye from Dos Puntos Uve! :v

Goodbye from Dos Puntos Uve! :v
Had a lot of fun playing on this server. Some of you I learned to respect, others I couldn’t stand but overall this has been the server with the best Ark experience for myself and friends. You can complain we only “offline raided” but multiple videos on my channel say otherwise. You probably were also not here when ObZ, Norge and Anarchy were the alpha trio and we took them all down in 3 days of joining the server with a simple stone house as our base times, good times! Nonetheless a big thank you to “King” for not ever intervening as an admin. Best Ark admin so far, and I’ve seen a lot!

To everyone else I hope there’s no resentment left, we don’t play to hate, we play to have fun and we had a lot of that, specially when 6 tribes joined up to attack us. It was fun to see you guys learn from your mistakes and become better Ark players.

We demolished our carno base and have no plan on joining an Ark server since most of us are hooked on Overwatch right now…but we might be back! :v

GL HF! :v:v:v


Take care mate.
I think at least 30 players has written to me over time asking me to ban you guys for raiding. But pvp is pvp nonetheless, either your alpha or your noone. Win or loose. Ark Survival when its best 😉
There was a few incidents, but you handled them all professional without any arguments.

You guys was hated, admired and looked up to by many players. Even perhaps a few that might have liked you also, you never know.

Nevertheless, have fun in future adventures….


3+ Months of terror, raids and lots of action is over for now or just perhaps the balance will just shift towards a new era
Nevertheless that leaves the spot open for the new Alpha Tribe on TheIsland server.
Let the battle begin.


  1. Thank you all for the fun days guys. For holding out there in the wild and giving us fight. Like it or not some of you became better players because of us. Your imagination ran wild in order to find out a good way to defeat us or just to be able to defend from our attacks. The only thing I wish we had more is more people online when raiding but this was the effect of difference between our playing time and yours.

    In the end we suffered from our own success since there was little challenge at times. The only good defense we had to make was a great one. We wished there were a whole lot more like this thru the time we played seriously. I believe some are leaving ark for now. We are a varied bunch of friends and love challenges. With the whole lot of games and things we have to do and get better at.

    Have fun.

    Popis/hagrid :v

  2. I just have to know, why did you raid ArkPoPo? We really liked you guys, atleast I did. And at the time of the conflict I was away due to being a bit bored with ark and taking a break. I am also on a new break now also due to Overwatch being too good for me :3

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