Lag debugging – Test Hardware

So it seems the lag monster has been attacking the past days and we need to fight back.

Problem is the ark server is basically only using 1 core on the CPU and the other cores are not used (only very little)

Hopefully it will be fixed in next weeks patch, with server optimization part 2

But in the meanwhile we test if running overclocked hardware will do the trick for now.

So rest of the weekend the server will run on faster hardware (faster CPU)

Be sure to hammer the server and get all your friends to log on and let us know if the lag is better 😉

It will still lag a bit every 15 minutes when the world saves, since it does a world freeze while saving all world date. Lets hope they also fix that in the next patch, but let’s see about that….


  1. I got no idea where I can suggest something like this, so im just leaving it here.

    Would it be possible to add a mod like this?

    It’s just a mod to extend the smithy slots. There are so many blurprints of higer quality that is useless ingame as the smithy can’t hold all the materials to craft them. This mod would be great, and even better if it was without the pincode and pickup ability.

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