New IP forced, update your fav links in ARK

Due to undefined network security update, our ISP has forced us a new IP address.

We had 1 hour without network and when it returned a new IP was forced ;-/


Nevertheless everything is sorted out (hopefully) and all servers are back up again.

Took some time in order to rework the firewall and network rules with the new IP. So sorry for the downtime.

Please click below links for easy connection:

[EU/DK]SharpPlay Scorch(10XP ALL/20x Baby)

[EU/DK]SharpPlay Center (30XP/10x)(ORP)

[EU/DK]SharpPlay (x10XP/Tame/Harvest)


Again sorry for the trouble and please remember the host is a hard working dude using his sparetime for you to enjoy đŸ˜‰


Happy gaming as always…

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  1. So which one of you did some nasty stuff to trigger the ISP alarm ?? :-)

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