Upcoming map changes in next patch and impact on players!!! (VOTE)

As some might have seen there will be major map changes in the upcoming patch (eta 30 May, but probably delayed as usual)

Go read about the map changes on the ark forums

Super cool map changes, but also impacts lots of players.


Ark devs are currently saying that everything within the no build zones will be auto destroyed so players would need to move bases before patch goes live.

The no build zones can also be seen in-game as of today.


We have 2 options with different impact.

  • Wipe once map changes go live and everyone would need to start over
  • Players with bases in no build zones need to move everything out of the no build zone before patch goes live (or it might be auto destroyed)


We know a lot of players have used lots of time and effort here, so we feel a vote might be in order


Wipe when new map changes goes live ?

  • No way!! Those impacted will have to move (52%, 255 Votes)
  • Sure, more fair for everyone and server needs it (48%, 239 Votes)

Total Voters: 494

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  1. we need a wipe on this server. we have been farming Our ass off, but when we get too strong puntos wipes us. everyone deservers a New chance to build their base and enjoy the gameplay.

  2. how r u going to destroy their 3 bases ++?

  3. We need a wipe guys,its our only chance to get Puntos down.

  4. A wipe will do nothing guys regarding puntos lol
    They are like 50 ppl, 10 of them play here.

    It means nothing to them, they will have a really god base up and running in no time!

    While the smaller one’s like me, who have spend the entire game learning and building up a solid defence will get rekt by this.

  5. Total Voters: 434

    Something is not right…

  6. thes vote is lame som one is hacking on it or something i dont belive that 400+ have ben on server and seen you post

    and yes server needs it that server spik lag is killing that game and if you have ben building you defens over long time then why cant you do it again ?

    and i dont mind that puntos are the one whu win know mater what but a wipe wil help all to build the denfens up befor puntos coms and knok on you door

  7. Nevertheless, wipe or no wipe, Puntos will always be strong.. We will always be hit by them, you will get raided over and over, but stand up head held high and see the sun set for another day my friends. They may take our bases and dino’s but they will never take our hope and ideas cause those are bulletproof.
    Don’t let these man kill your passion, have faith and courage, together we’ll face these mexican machines!
    You’ll all be amazed what you can achieve if you just believe 😉
    Let’s fight for a free world, let us unite!

    Sky[ ] – PURGE

  8. It seems the main motivation for a wipe is the delusion that this would in some way be a major inconvenience for Dos Puntos; hate to be the one to break reality to you, but the likely outcome would be far from what you hope for. First off they are a large clan, well organized, and active. Those three points alone are amplified with a server with 10x tame and gather. So while you scramble to put up your wooden shack to stave off lvl 20 raptors, they will be mass refining metal. In a few short days things will be no different then you see them now. The what? Again pushing for a wipe? When will this cycle end? How inviting is this for any other tribe?

    The biggest problem this server has isn’t Dos Puntos, I actually applaud their efforts, the trouble is the server is infested with retards that cant think past their own personal interest.

    Create alliances, merge tribes, do something. Stop raiding your neighbor for stone and metal, stop creating pointless conflicts when there is an obvious mutual threat.

    Use your fucking heads.

  9. <3 now thats a man with some fricking sence!!!

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