1. need to do that a bit more, still see puntos stains…

  2. So what was the point of the poll if the exact opposite is going to be done?

  3. dont know really?
    Was hoping it would not get wiped…

  4. Just gonna witness hundres of hours gonna go down the drain :(

  5. Then the server is going to be wipe?

  6. Who cares if you Wipe the server the problem is not the Alpha tribe the problem is the other tribes, sometimes server have 60 people but everyone made tribes with 2 members and want to fight vs alpha tribe is fucking retarded the people need to learn how to fight how to build and stop crying all day on global

  7. Thats great core, try unite those 60 ppl 😉

  8. Whats with the cryptic picture and absolutely no REAL info? checking the player numbers on this server they are dropping like flies and I can only imagine it is because the admins are not giving us any information about what the hell is about to happen. People dont want to invest time in a server if they ‘might’ wipe it at any moment. Come on admins give us some answers!!

  9. No more than four people logged in all day from what I can tell and that four included either me or my boyfriend. Now you come online..announce you are updating the server but still no answer about the wipe…RIP Sharpplay…ill be find a new server since most seem to have done so already as well.

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