Monthly Archives: June 2016

SharpPlay Center ORP(5x) 10xAll up and running – YAY

By demand we have just opened up a new ark server… SharpPlay Center ORP(5x) 10xAll up and running Same settings and mods as the Island but with ORP (5x protection of dinos/structures) and copse finder mod It will still be possible to do offline raids, just a bit harder. Max 1 orp per tribe (abuse if possible will be punished) ...

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4 x W: Its time for spring cleaning (DONE ITS UP NOW)

WHAT: Wipe, complete players + world save WHY: Upcoming map changes, lots of server lag lately. Its been up for 6 months. Tamed dinos under world and other random places. Increased world save file even with auto destroy of structures enabled… ITS TIME. We been up for almost 6 months without a single wipe (cant say same for most private ...

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