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August 2016 – SharpPlay

Monthly Archives: August 2016

Center Map and dino lag (Mosas spawns)

Seems Mosa spawns are giving lag problems on the Center Map. Ark admins seems to know the problems according to some bug reports Lets hope they fix it in the next center map update !! Admins will do our best to clear out the area from time to time…

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Power issues – firewall crash

Seems some power issues crashed the firewall and it went haywire while I was away on a small camping trip somewhere in the trippy woods of Sweden Guess stuff has to crash while not being home, nevertheless stuff is fixed and no trips planned for next couple of months 😉        

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The Center Server -> Upcoming wipes and tweaks

Wuz this all about ?   Yearh, as already announced in the steam group, we will do a wipe on the Center Map.   Wipe will happen 2. Aug at around 21:00 CET (will take an hour or so)   A few tweaks and changes will be done in order to further encourage pvp And tralala… stack mod will also ...

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