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RIP – End of an Era

Ark servers will go offline in the weekend and server recycled for other projects. After 1.5 years with intense drama and lots of fun, the time has come to focus on other stuff. We climbed the top, was top ark server(s) in europe from time to time and both loved and hated among players across the globe.   Some might ...

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SharpPlay WIPE 20/5 PVP Ranks Cwar A+B S4(10x/30xBaby)

Wiped and ready for next season….. Season: Cwar Season 4 2 Servers in play this time. TheIsland and Scorched Earth in cluster mode Tek is back to vanila settings and building in artefact caves (and ice cave) is no longer allowed And some other minor tweaks… Check the new command: write /help in global chat to figure it out

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SharpPlay Discord Server

We are slowly moving to Discord. Bot for tribe commands are being worked on atm, like get tribelog etc. Join for admin support (or join the ts server) or general chat https://discord.gg/EKzJmpm   Happy Gaming 😉

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Forced new ip on servers due to traffic issues (SOLVED)

Everything is sorted out by now. Either search for the sharpplay ingame via server list or use below to join. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?page=1&q=sharpplay&sort=   ts.sharpplay.com and http://ark.sharpplay.com:81 have both been updated with new ip. But might take up to 12 hours before its propagated (working) for everyone.. Happy gaming!!   (And to the DDoS’ers: You must have boring life)

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SharpPlay Center server relaunch !!

So, after heavy pressure, the decision has been taken. The Center server has relaunched (Already up as we speak) Settings: Similar to previously, 10X , 20x breeding (old multiplier) Mods: Small stacks, ORP (6x) so offline raiding is still possible. Rules: Same as on TheIsland SharpPlay Ark Data system will be enabled for TheCenter a bit later http://ark.sharpplay.com:81 Working on ...

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1 year birthday

1 Year ago we decided to open our first Ark server. Later additional servers was opened and closed as time went by. It’s been fun, challenging and lots of hard work both by the host and the friendly admins So Happy birthday SharpPlay 😉  

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ORP removal and Kairuku event results

ORP will be disbaled again 26. Dec. 10 CEST. Be sure to recheck/reset pin codes on vaults and other storage boxes (known ark bug)   Below is the results of the Kairuku taming / breed event Stay tuned for the next event, which will be announced soon 😉 Happy Gaming… http://ark.sharpplay.com:81/pages/event1.php    

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