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SharpPlay Center ORP(5x) 10xAll up and running – YAY

By demand we have just opened up a new ark server… SharpPlay Center ORP(5x) 10xAll up and running Same settings and mods as the Island but with ORP (5x protection of dinos/structures) and copse finder mod It will still be possible to do offline raids, just a bit harder. Max 1 orp per tribe (abuse if possible will be punished) ...

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4 x W: Its time for spring cleaning (DONE ITS UP NOW)

WHAT: Wipe, complete players + world save WHY: Upcoming map changes, lots of server lag lately. Its been up for 6 months. Tamed dinos under world and other random places. Increased world save file even with auto destroy of structures enabled… ITS TIME. We been up for almost 6 months without a single wipe (cant say same for most private ...

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Upcoming map changes in next patch and impact on players!!! (VOTE)

As some might have seen there will be major map changes in the upcoming patch (eta 30 May, but probably delayed as usual) Go read about the map changes on the ark forums https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/63102-biome-update-the-center-contest-and-xbox-patch-736/ Super cool map changes, but also impacts lots of players.   Ark devs are currently saying that everything within the no build zones will be auto ...

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New IP, new router, firewall and switches installed

New router, firewall and switches installed for better performance But due to hardware changes the IP address changed.   You can connect by clicking here > CONNECT Or you can join trough http://ark-servers.net/server/31986/   In case you can’t find it. Change from My survivors to unoffical. Search for SharpPlay Connect and play 😉   Have fun and remember to follow rules 😉

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