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New hardware in place YAY

The server hardware had been upgraded to dedicated i7 4790k  4.4ghz, 16mb ram and fast SSD running Windows Server 2012 R2 Internet connection was also upgraded today, not that Ark uses much bandwidth but just in case 😉 It might still lag for a few seconds while doing the world save each 15 minute and other Ark world cleanup stuff ...

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Lag debugging – Test Hardware

So it seems the lag monster has been attacking the past days and we need to fight back. Problem is the ark server is basically only using 1 core on the CPU and the other cores are not used (only very little) Hopefully it will be fixed in next weeks patch, with server optimization part 2 http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/594820656447032287/ But in the ...

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Racial or real life threats = permanent ban

Racial or real life threats will trigger a permaban and possible reported to the police. Possible evidence, such as steam name, ip and chat logs will be kept and handed over to the police if needed. If you can’t handle the ingame action then go play on a PVE server….

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