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June 2016 – SharpPlay

Monthly Archives: June 2016

Patch 243.3 and TheCenter server (Fixed)

So lots of fuzz with the recent update bringing down servers all over… Read more about it here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/351660338687939454/   Tried to remote restart thecenter server, but it just hangs Also quite busy day at work due to the Brexit πŸ˜‰   Nevertheless currently working on fixing it.. ——— Was stuck in trying to destroy all wild dinos as forced ...

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Donation store added – Support your favorite server !!

Support your favorite server. All donations will go towards server hardware/network gear and other related expenses. Wishlist: Samsung 950 PRO 256GB M.2 PCIe (faster world saves and reboots) 32gb memory (currently we have a few memory swaps due to file caching) Additional slots on the team speaker if needed (more Admin beers πŸ˜‰   Donation Store

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SharpPlay TeamSpeak server up and running

After a lot of requests we have started a teamspeak server exclusive for SharpPlay Ark players. Currently only a 32 spot server, but depending on demand we will increase the slots Feel free to join at ts.sharpplay.com   As always behave, follow the rules and HAVE FUN πŸ˜‰

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Another PVP Event held @ TheCenter Server

Over 20 players joined the PVP event this evening @ The Center Server. Flak and bows were handed out before people entered the mace and figuring out the way to the battlefield where arrows could be found. Yet again the lucky winner was Pablo from Girl Scouts. Congratz;-)

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Goodbye from Dos Puntos Uve! :v

Goodbye from Dos Puntos Uve! :v Had a lot of fun playing on this server. Some of you I learned to respect, others I couldn’t stand but overall this has been the server with the best Ark experience for myself and friends. You can complain we only “offline raided” but multiple videos on my channel say otherwise. You probably were ...

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PVP Event on TheCenter: Tonite Tonite BIG FIGHT !!!

Tonight Tonight… BIG Fight Admin hosted PVP event on TheCenter server this evening at around 18 CET (Saturday 11 June) Show up and bring friends, this one is gonna be mucho fun. Major cool pvp arena has been built for the purpose and a few admins will supervise the event and make sure everything goes as planned. Prices will be ...

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