Tweaks, updates and rules.

Just a few words on recent updates, tweaks, rule enforcement and crash reports…


Network has been tweaked and optimized a bit for better performance.

For the nerds, the ark box is running on a segregated network with higher traffic prio. (edgerouter pro)


Additional memory has been added to the box, it’s now running with 12gb allocated to each ark instance

Memory is slightly OC’ed for speed  😉

No donations, so paid with own $$$ :-/


Same rule set are now enforced on both servers.

Be sure to read and follow no matter which server you play on…


All crash reports are sent directly to one of the ark devs, who is investigating the issues.

Other server owners have seen the same problems, so its not “just” us being unlucky

Admins can now force reboot both servers in case of issues (previously it was only possible onsite)

(custom coded powerscript for the win)


Happy gaming…

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